Photography Course Reviews

Nick Pearson


When I first gained interest in photography, I was never considering doing any courses or gaining any qualifications; I did feel I had already researched, studied and learned what was needed. However, I found I was lacking confidence in certain scenarios, so I decided a course might do just that for me.

Well… I’m very happy to have found this course and can safely say my knowledge/understanding, and confidence have grown hugely. There was so much information I was missing out on. Not only that, but I am gaining an understanding of why this information is so important. Whether you are a professional, novice or rookie shooter. I highly recommend this course as I guarantee you will gain value from it.

I would like to thank my tutor, Justin, for the constructive criticism and very in-depth, thorough explanation and knowledge you have shared to help me better my understanding and my art.


Aviaaja Louise Schluter


I enrolled in the Photography Institute's course to gain more experience and knowledge of the technical side of photography. Not only have I learnt a lot of new skills, but I've gained a lot of confidence in myself during the course.

Some assignments were challenging, some were super fun, and some needed all of my creativity, but they all have the same thing in common: they pushed me further on my photographic journey, and I feel richer for it.

Thank you for your amazing support and great experience.


Bianca Madsen

Maungatautari, Waikato

This course far exceeded my expectations in every way.

It was so easy to get around the website and access everything I needed. Every module was exciting and valuable. I was blown away by the effort and dedication my tutor Justin put into giving feedback and helping me grow. They are there whenever you need them, for whatever reason, and are genuinely there to help you learn as much as you can and to encourage you as you make your way through the course.

I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to grow their photography knowledge and skills and those who hope to make a career out of it. There is so much value in it for anyone!

If you're thinking about it, stop thinking! and start it. You won't regret it!

Darren Stanley


I signed up for this, not expecting much. I already had regular work in the industry, I had been shooting fully manual and was happy with my work, but I signed up anyway.

I managed to complete the course in 11 months while working 2 jobs on top of the photography work that was coming in, along with helping with a newborn baby in the house and a 3-year-old.

Now, after completing the course, I can say that I have learned lots. I have much more confidence approaching prospective clients, I have a lot more confidence in my work, and I learned a lot more about my camera and efficient ways to get better results. I am really delighted I did the course, and I am now looking at the advanced modules.

All I can say is if you're hovering over the button, sitting on the fence, wondering if you should sign up or not, do it. It's not something you'll regret.


Catherine Lundin


I thoroughly enjoyed this course at The Photography Institute and got a huge amount out of it. Overall the course was fantastic and in-depth.

I liked that it really made you think outside of the box and had every aspect of photography considered. It was simply not just about learning the skills to take a great photograph. It covered everything you could possibly think of - planning, pre-visualising, production, post-production, software, gear, business planning, storage systems, laws, selling images and beyond. It is very helpful and sets you up to achieve your best.

I also loved the flexibility of the course without set deadlines for modules which made it very easy and achievable to work around my very hectic schedule. It was great being able to do it remotely and not have to travel or be anywhere at set times.

I had such a fantastic tutor who was very good at critiquing, offering advice and giving feedback. It was invaluable being able to contact an expert in the field for help and support when needed.

Thanks so much!

Jelena Jevtic


Wow, I now have a Diploma in Professional Photography!

I had zero photography knowledge before my enrollment. Out of all courses, and there are so many online, this one seemed perfect. It begins with cameras and lenses, technical modules, all the way through to composition, lighting, printing, editing... everything! Self-paced (great if you have little kids), fantastic textbooks, student support and tutor available online 24/7. And that fantastic assignment feedback - you learn from it almost as much as you learn from the course material. I enrolled in two Advanced modules and can't wait to learn more.

My amazing, approachable and knowledgeable tutor Justin Aitken helped me so much. I went from knowing absolutely nothing and using auto mode on my camera to becoming a family photographer, having my own photography studio and booking clients for sessions.

I would highly recommend this course to everyone! Thank you, Photography Institute, for this amazing learning experience!

David Robinson


I found the course excellent! The technical aspects are helpful and provide a good baseline for further development, together with the regular tutor feedback.

Perhaps more importantly though, the course provides a lot of insight into what is required to take photography to a professional level, including an honest assessment of the potential challenges and rewards.

Aleisha Gerbes


I have absolutely loved this course.

The Photography Institute has been an ideal course for me to complete as a working mum because it's not too lengthy.

However, I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of not only the art of photography itself but also what my own photography style is. I intend to pursue the advanced modules available in the future to further build my knowledge and skills as a photographer.

My tutor Justin has been an amazing support with helpful feedback on each of my assignments and would answer any questions I had regarding either the assignment or other photography-related questions.

I would highly highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and understanding of what really goes into the art of photography or to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in photography.

I believe my skills as a photographer and sole trading business owner will continue to grow and improve because of this course. Thanks guys!!


Paul Luxton


Diploma in Professional Photography, TICK!

I began the Diploma in Professional Photography after buying myself a new DSLR. Now as an aspiring Photographer, I didn't want to take your standard `auto' shots or take photos using the basic `landscape' settings. What I wanted, was to really get into the photography, really get photos that made people say WOW! And so it all began...

From Module 1 through to Module 12, it was a learning curve that was close to vertical! I now understand why my camera manual made an encyclopedia look small! I'm no longer shooting in auto mode, I have learned the do's and don'ts of lighting, and best of all, I have been taught to take in my surroundings, to really think about the shot before I capture it. I have thrived with the help of the friendly tutors who are on hand 24/7 to give you the advice and guidance you need and I have shared my photos and my thoughts with other students via the Photography Institute Facebook page. This was a great way to connect with other students who like you and me, LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!

Thanks to my diploma, I have now started working as a Photographer/guide for an NZ wildlife company and get to spend every day photographing the amazing marine wildlife NZ has to offer.To anyone thinking about doing this course, I would fully recommend it! It will give you the desire AND the tools to better yourself and take your photography to the next level and beyond...

Pip White

New Plymouth

Wow, I can't believe I have made it to the end of the course. I am feeling so incredibly happy right now!

It has been such a great journey, and I have learned so much along the way. When I first started, I had no clue about photography really, and I have grown and gained so much knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to learn more about photography or take it to the next level as a career.

The tutors have been amazing and so helpful with all their knowledge and experience. This has been an invaluable experience, and I thank George and the team for such a great course. I look forward to the journey into the future with photography, as this is just the beginning! Many thanks, Pip :)

Karina Lucchesi

Greytown, Wairarapa

I Loved this course! It has really enhanced my passion for Photography & taken it to the next level! Whether you are a beginner or an expert photographer this is a Fun & Creative, Simple yet Powerful course to complete & will really tap into your Creative insight & develop your photography skills!

A special thank you to my tutor who I found to be very approachable, with excellent views & constructive feedback - it really boosted my confidence & I always came away feeling fired up to go on & expand my talent & creativity.

The technical aspects of exploring my camera & its functionality I found to be very rewarding. The accessible online content was clearly defined which meant learning was self-paced & easy to fit around other work/family commitments. It's the passion, the inspiration to tell stories, the desire to be better & make an Impact. A very good illustration of what can be accomplished in a year with a plan - Better Photographs!!!

I highly recommend this course which will provide you with the foundations to open the doors to your Photography journey.

Thank you!

Victoria McKee


Completing my Diploma online through the Photography Institute has truly been an amazing journey.

Starting off as a hobbyist photographer with limited knowledge, I have finished with the intention to take my passion for photography further. I now have the skills and knowledge that allow me to seek a career in photography and pursue my dream of being a professional photographer.

My tutor was 100% supportive and respectfully guided me along my learning journey. He provided me with constructive feedback to help me understand what areas I needed to work on and what areas I had achieved and demonstrated a good understanding of.

The support system was very beneficial and proved to be extremely useful. I would highly recommend studying through the Photography Institute!

Les Osten

New Plymouth

What a voyage of discovery I have just travelled. The Institute has whet my appetite and I need more! I thought I was OK as a Photographer until I began Module 1 and moved through the other 11.

From being a former teacher and principal I became a pupil and learner and it was a great feeling as I eagerly awaited my tutor's scorecard and written comments following each assignment!

Assignments were marked promptly, professionally presented and always succinct, well-directed and offered many points to consider and to be guided on. My thanks to Matt for such a tremendous job and for your positive encouragement.

Previously I had greatly underused my camera equipment and now I am definitely giving that investment real value. My depth of knowledge and skill level has increased markedly along with a high level of self-confidence in my own ability to take successful images.

The investment in the course and its tangible outcomes for me has and will continue to be of high value. Thank you to the team at the Photography Institute.

Blake Benjamin Spittle


Thank you George and all of The Photography Institute team - you have opened up an entirely new world to me! Your course was full of so much fantastic content, which has enabled me to get much more out of my camera and equipment.

I began the course with the intent of gaining more skills for a hobby, but now I want to take it up to the professional level. Without this course, I would never have thought of photography this way. Matt and Justin were awesome tutors with such good advice and full of useful tips - always carry duct tape in your kit - so true!

I have already done a commissioned assignment which was a brilliant day and I was able to put the skills gained during the course to work. It made me feel like a did a good job and I gained positive feedback from everyone involved. From here, I plan to practise, practise, practise and keep on enjoying a passion for capturing still images.

To anyone thinking of learning more about photography - look no further, this course is brilliant. I work full time and managed to work my way through it with no dramas at all. The support is great from the tutors and the information is priceless. Go for it!!

All the best team...

Mike Loveland


 Thanks for the opportunity to do this course, I have really liked the way that I could do it in my own time at my own pace. I set myself goals of completing a module every 2-3 weeks, and on average have been successful - depending on other work commitments.

The feedback from the tutors has been positive, with ideas on where and what to try to improve for next time, the response time was good too, if I ever had any queries.

 I look forward to seeing what happens next in my photographic journey, as I now have a newfound love of Sports photography...

Gale Cresswell

Te Awamutu

Before embarking on The Professional Photography Course, I used a cheap digital point and shoot camera and had no idea what 'DSLR' even stood for! I am pleased to say that my point and shoot camera is now in the hands of my six-year-old, whilst I am comfortably using a manual mode!

This course is a great mix of technical and creative learning.

The technical aspects are clearly explained and the assignments transfer the theory into practice.

I particularly enjoyed the creative side. The course gave me confidence in myself and my ideas, helping me narrow down the field of photography that I intend to specialise in and develop my own style. My tutors seemed to be on my wavelength, enabling them to provide useful advice and encouragement.

Beyond that, it also provides guidance on how to succeed in the photography business, if that is the path that you hope to take. Having had many years of experience in business planning, I can honestly say that this guidance would be very helpful to someone who is new to business.

The flexibility of studying online has worked brilliantly for me, enabling me to dedicate the time, without interference with work and family life...and of course, no travel costs! The assignments were easy to submit, even for someone like me who can find technology challenging!

So with my newfound knowledge (and my Diploma!), I feel confident to go out and build my portfolio further, with the aim of setting up my own business in the not too distant future.

Thanks to all at NZPI. I have no hesitation in recommending this course and hope to maintain links with NZPI going forward.

Andrew Bennett


How often do we hear of people who are so passionate about their careers that they say they can’t believe they’re being paid to do what they love? For me, this course has not only opened the door to this being a reality – but it has also given me the opportunity to rekindle the photographic creativity and passion for photography that have been suppressed for many years. Instead of imagining greener pastures over the fence, I’ve now had the courage to jump over and start exploring the possibilities.

The course content covered all the topics and areas that I needed, and provided me with links to further learning online and through print media. The assignments were highly practical, thought-provoking at times, challenging and above all lots of fun! Re-reading the prospectus makes me realise that my expectations were not just fulfilled but exceeded. Everything from aperture and lighting through to creating a studio and a professional portfolio – it was all there.

Now I’m starting my own photography business, something that, prior to undertaking the course, was always over the fence. I want to specialise in people and events but have also uncovered a passion for travel (well, why not?!) and unusual architecture. In the meantime, I’ve had a great experience with assignments covering sports, corporate and social events, as well as weddings.

Underpinning this experience are two key components of the Photography Institute – advice and support. Many thanks to my tutor Fiona, who answered my questions, encouraged me, critiqued my assignments and gave me so many tips and suggestions. The student support from Sarah has been outstanding right from the start – access and response couldn’t have been better. The work experiences Sarah made possible through the Weetbix triathlons were invaluable and exhilarating.

Thanks everyone at the Institute – you’ve given me the skills and desire to pursue a new career and direction...

Richard Hayton


I spent years reading photography magazines and books thinking I knew a thing or two about photography when in reality often this only made me confused and lacking in direction. This was when I decided to look for some formal training.

Without a question The Photography Institute’s course is for anyone who is serious about photography, from the absolute novice to the working Pro. The course is about so much more than just the pictures or how to use a DSLR and it takes you on a comprehensive journey into the world of photography (past, present and the future...) and everything that this entails.

The course leaves nothing left unturned and demystifies the complexities of digital photography and the industry that surrounds it. After completing this course my photography is infinitely better than it was before I started, my confidence is sky high and I can hold my own when it comes to photography conversations with the Pros.

If all the tutors are as conscientious and professional as mine then you really can't get better value for money! I can’t fault the balanced feedback (usually back within a few hours!) and direction from someone who actually makes a living from photography. I also had the pleasure of utilising the support staff who were equally professional.

I currently work full time in a totally different industry and found fitting this course into my busy lifestyle was easy, especially when publications started noticing my work on the Internet and offered to put some photos into print...

Flynn Fletcher-Dobson


I loved this course! If you are a beginner or a pro, you will find something in this course to stimulate and develop your existing skills. Each module is written clearly and has everything within it for you to complete each assignment. Support from the general support team and your tutor is just excellent, and any problems are sorted out very, very quickly. Having the online format, not only means you can work at your own pace but take your course with you wherever you go!

Getting to know my camera and how to take better photos were the highlight for me, but the confidence I have now gained from having my work seen and critiqued by professionals.

Due to gaining the diploma from this course, I am now able to work in a photographic field which was not open to me before.

Thank you!

Reece Daniel Little


When I embarked on my journey to complete the Diploma, I came into this as nothing but a hobbyist. But after having completed my journey and graduating, my goals and aspirations have certainly risen to new heights.

From just wishing to learn more about my camera and how to better take advantage of the extra knowledge. To wanting to be a little more serious about photography and do some casual work in something I love.

The feedback received from the fantastic and experienced tutors gave me more confidence and insight into how I can improve. The main thing is don't be afraid to ask questions. The support team are there for such purposes, and the Facebook community page are all so willing to help with any questions or constructive criticism.

If coming into the course as a complete newbie and you feel a little overwhelmed that's what we are here for, but they also offer a fundamental primer, just ask the support team and they can provide you with that little bit extra to help you.

I have no regrets and am so happy to have completed the course. Next thing is to target a couple of advanced modules they have to offer.

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